性別: (女性)
専攻:Bachelor of Science in Development Communication Major in Community Broadcasting
料金: 160 円/レッスン
(料金: 320円/25分)
呼名: マリーベン
日本語: -話せません
資格: TESL


-話せません Not able to talk in Japanese

■資格/メソッド (Can teach)■

■対象年令 (Can teach)■
-Elementary School Students (9-11 years old)
-Junior High School Students (12-15 years old)
-High School Students (16-18 years old)
-University Students, Professionals and Adults (19-75 years old)

I'm Teacher Marybenn, I've been teaching online for 2 years. During my spare time, I usually read books and watch foreign movies. I can teach beginners and Intermediate students and help you to learn general English, or prepare you for IELTS exam. As a teacher, my goal is to develop your English communication skills from speaking, writing and reading skills. Learning English will be easy and fun if you have me as your teacher. See you in my class!

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