性別: (女性)
専攻:Bachelor of Science in Nursing
料金: 98 円/レッスン
(料金: 195円/25分)
呼名: ダイアン
日本語: -ほんの少し話せます
資格: TESL
対象年令: -小学校高学年


-ほんの少し話せます Can talk in Japanese a little

■資格/メソッド (Can teach)■

■対象年令 (Can teach)■
-Elementary School Students (9-11 years old)
-Junior High School Students (12-15 years old)
-High School Students (16-18 years old)
-University Students, Professionals and Adults (19-75 years old)

Hello~! I am teacher Dyanne, a registered nurse in the Philippines. I have been teaching English for quite awhile now. I love watching anime and playing musical instruments like keyboard, flute and the basics of guitar. I am a fan of Japanese idols like Hey Say Jump.
I can teach Beginner students. I can teach Basic English. I can help students to develop their English skills such as vocabulary, pronunciation, basic grammar, reading, speaking and listening.
To my future students,I know that learning English looks challenging, right? Yes, I fully understand such concern because I also started not knowing the English language but "Nothing is impossible" as long as you have the right motivation, patience and constant practice. I will be here to guide you and I will do my best to teach in a simple, fun and easy way. I assure you that learning English is enjoyable and life changing.
That is why, I wish to see you in my class and to be a part of your English journey. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

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